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Student Leadership September 2017: Head Girl. Head Boy and Deputies

Message from the Principal

Welcome to St Anne’s Church of England Academy.  Our sponsors, David and Anne Crossland and the Church of England, the Governing Board and staff are committed to providing the very best education for our students, underpinned by Christian values.  We offer a broad and balanced curriculum and we are pleased to say that the Academy is equipped with outstanding facilities and resources. 

We work hard to create a caring, safe, happy and purposeful environment in which our children and young people can learn and grow together, achieve their potential and develop into independent, responsible and caring members of society.  The Academy provides an outstanding level of pastoral care to our students and families in times of need to ensure that students are able to participate and succeed at school.

Children of all Faiths and none are welcomed into the Academy and treated equally.  Every child has the right to high quality education and Academy staff work hard, ‘going the extra mile’, to provide an excellent education here at St Anne’s.  All students are nurtured and supported to ensure that they progress well throughout their learning journey at the Academy.  We also work in partnership with parents and carers and provide named staff points of contact in order to make communication between home and school easier.  

If your child has additional needs, arrangements can be put in place even before your child joins the Academy to ensure that those early days, which are so important, will be as enjoyable as possible.  We understand that it can be particularly unsettling for some students and the Academy SENCO, Deputy SENCO and the Pastoral Team are on hand to support students.

We want our students to enjoy school and do well and there are many opportunities for children and young people to shine at the Academy. Students are encouraged to participate in a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and talents.  Students of all levels of ability are supported during their lessons to help them achieve their full potential.

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour at the Academy and we have high expectations for students just as parents and carers, rightly, have high expectations of the Academy. We are committed to achieving excellent standards of attendance, punctuality and behaviour at the Academy and use an information database called Class Charts to support this goal.  Parents and carers can view Class Charts on an almost live basis via an App from any device to see if their child has earned praise points or negative behaviour points that day at school.  Students earn rewards for praise points and there is a sanction system in place for incidents relating to negative behaviour in accordance with the Academy Behaviour Policy.  We welcome parents’ support in ensuring that our values, ethos and expectations are upheld.

As an Academy, we are committed to equality and do our utmost to meet the needs of everyone within the Academy community and treat each other with respect.

To get a flavour of Academy life last year, please click here to view a presentation of our achievements. You can also read our recent Ofsted and SIAMS Reports and view our Examination Results in detail by clicking the links below.

Caroline A Preece


Read all about our recent Inspections: Ofsted November 2015 and May 2013 and SIAMS October 2013 by clicking on the links below. 

Ofsted November 2015 said:

  •  “Strong relationships between pupils and staff contribute to the sense of harmony around the Academy and the pupils’ acceptance of different backgrounds and views.
  • The Academy’s positive ethos contributes strongly to pupils’ good personal development and welfare.
  • The Principal and the Academy’s senior leaders provide strong leadership, with a shared strategic vision.
  • Parents have positive opinions about the Academy.
  • Governors are a committed team with a good range of experience and skills.”

Ofsted May 2013 said:

  • “This is a good school.
  • This is a very inclusive Academy.  Every student is equally valued and well cared for through the Academy’s outstanding pastoral care systems.
  • The behaviour of students and their attitude to learning is good.
  • The quality of leadership is good.”

SIAMS said:

      • "The Academy, through its distinctive Christian character, is good at meeting the needs of all learners.
      • The impact of collective worship on the Academy community is good.
      • The effectiveness of the Religious Education is good.
      • The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the school as a church school is good.
      • The Academy has an outstanding pastoral system for all students which enables the most vulnerable to succeed."

Academy Mission Statement created by Student Leadership 2015



We keep Christian values at the centre of everything we do.


We strive to achieve our best. 


We strive to be accepting and supportive of all students and staff and value each and every individual. 


To take responsibility for our own learning. 

Lifelong learners

Developing knowledge and skillset in preparation for life as a global citizen.

Your future

Nurturing self-esteem to equip individuals with the skills and values for a successful future.

 Ofsted Reports
SIAMS October 2013  Performance Tables   Academy Examinations Results 2016  

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