Early Help Support for Families

Early Help is about helping children, young people and families to deal with any issues as early as possible, before they turn into big problems.

Every family goes through challenging times at some point, and it is ok to ask for help.

Early help means working with you and your family so that small problems don’t become big problems, in order to help you be the very best family you can be. In our experiences the earlier families get support, the better the outcome.

  • You might be worried about your child’s health, development or behaviour
  • You care for a disabled child
  • You’re pregnant and need some advice, support or guidance
  • You need help with childcare
  • You’re worried about money, housing or benefits and how that is affecting your family
  • You think that your family would benefit from mental health support
  • Your child or family is affected by drugs, alcohol or crime
  • Your child is a carer for other people
  • Maybe you have had a bereavement in the family and this has made life difficult

The Early Help Team at Rochdale can provide information, advice or services at the right time to meet a family’s needs and to support them in resolving any concerns as soon as they emerge.

Every family is unique and everyone can go through problems that are difficult to deal with. Often it’s useful for families to know exactly who can help them, such as a council service, a charity or a health provider. Key workers such as teachers or children’s centre staff can agree an action plan with you to make sure you get the right support. They can do this by doing an Early Help Assessment which brings together different services to discuss any concerns in your family and help you solve them.

If you would like more information please contact Rochdale’s Early Help Assessment Team by phone: 01706 925 127 or by email: [email protected] or speak to your child’s Pastoral Year Leader

Please also use the links below to download more information.

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