Labour market information (LMI)

What is labour market information?

It is information relating to career occupations and industries, such as job numbers and salaries. It can also include a range of more specific details, such as educational levels for occupations, workforce demographics and employment patterns locally and/or nationally.

Why is labour market information important in careers education?

High quality, reliable and robust labour market information is vital to offering effective career practice as it helps:

  • navigate complex labour markets
  • identify a pathway to goals and ambitions
  • inform career decision making
  • our understanding of a changing labour market

Why is it useful for students/staff/parents and carers to engage with local labour market information?

It is useful to find the answers to questions such as:

  • How many jobs are there? How many in my area? What are the past trends? What are likely future trends?
  • How much do people get paid for this job? How much at the start of their career? How much in my area?
  • What level of qualification do people have in this jobs and what am I likely to need?
  • How many vacancies are there for this job? What proportion of people in this occupation are currently out of work?

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