Uniform Guide

Outdoor Clothing

Students are encouraged to wear an outdoor coat to the Academy, especially during periods of inclement weather. Hooded tops, tracksuit tops, cardigans, hats and baseball caps must not be worn inside the Academy building at any time; these should be removed immediately.


Students have a choice of wearing black polishable shoes or all-black trainers. Please note: ‘all black trainers’ means all black with no flashings, trims, logos or markings of any other colours, including grey. Our guidance is that footwear should be sensible and suited to be worn with a smart suit, or uniform, in a professional business setting. Please be aware that students who present with inappropriate footwear will be expected to change into Academy shoes or pumps to maintain high standards. Failure, or refusal to do so, will lead to a consequence.


Students can wear a watch, but no other jewellery is allowed for Health and Safety reasons.  This means earrings, facial, tongue or body piercings, bracelets and necklaces are not permitted. It is not acceptable to cover any of these items with a plaster or bandage. The exception to this rule is that Year 10 and Year 11 only are permitted to wear a pair of simple stud earrings (one stud in the lobe of each ear) as a privilege.  If this is abused then the privilege will be withdrawn.  No hoops or spikes are allowed; other piercings are also not allowed.


We expect all students to keep appropriate and professional hairstyles.  No extreme hairstyle is allowed; this includes extreme cuts or styles and extreme colours; so unnatural hair colours are not acceptable and patterns or lines that may be associated with gangs or other tribal markings are also forbidden.  A simple hair band in Academy colours (black, blue, purple or white) is allowed but hair fascinators such as flowers, bows or other embellishments are not part of the uniform and should not be worn.

Make-Up and Nails

To maintain a professional learning environment all students should remember that they attend school to learn and fulfil their academic potential.  As such, make-up and fake tan are not appropriate during school business hours and should not be worn.  Coloured nail varnish and false nails should not be worn.  Plain, clear, short, false nails are permitted.


All students are expected to wear the full uniform with pride at all times.  This includes the blazer.  Students wearing a tie should ensure that it is worn and tied correctly, of an appropriate length and that it covers a buttoned up top button.  All students must ensure that their shirt is tucked in fully at all times.  Socks should be black or white only.  Trousers should be formal and not be a tight or skinny fit. A black v-neck jumper is the only addition to the uniform.


All students are expected to bring a bag, the student planner and correct equipment to the Academy every day to ensure they are prepared for learning and ready to make progress. A pen, pencil and ruler are the minimum equipment students will need every day.


  • Blazer with Academy crest/logo
  • Black formal/tailored trousers
  • White shirt
  • Academy tie
  • Black jumper (optional)
  • Black or white socks
  • Black flat sensible shoes


  • Blazer with Academy crest/logo
  • Black formal/tailored trousers or box pleat skirt
  • White shirt
  • Academy scarf or tie
  • Black jumper (optional)
  • Black or white socks or tights
  • Black flat sensible shoes

For PE & Games

  • Academy polo shirt with logo
  • Black shorts or plain black track suit bottoms
  • Socks
  • Trainers
  • Appropriate sports bag (the Academy can supply this at cost price)

Optional Items for PE & Games

  • Academy Hooded Jumper
  • Academy Waterproof Jacket

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