The best for everyone, the best from everyone. We have faith in our future.



I believe that having high aspirations can motivate me to work hard and achieve my goals without excuses. I have high expectations in everything I do. Aspiration is valuable because it allows me to look beyond my current experiences and to understand, interpret and change the world for the better.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11


I believe that living my life by high moral standards and values is important. I understand how values are grounded in faith and biblical teaching. I commit to doing the right thing in all circumstances, even if this makes things more difficult for me and when no one is watching. I take responsibility for myself and my community to help it improve for everyone.

“Whoever walks in integrity walks securely.”

“Proverbs 10:9a


I believe that mutual respect is the most important element in a kind and cohesive community. Respect, and self-respect, means that I take things seriously. I care about myself and others and aim to do good as I go. Respect is valuable because it allows me to understand the differences in our community and to know how to behave in the best interests of that community.

“Love your neighbour as you love yourself.”

Matthew 22:39


I believe that through hard work I can overcome challenges as I meet them. I am resilient and want to complete every task to the best of my ability. Hard work is valuable because it enables me to be the best I can be and the best I am meant to be. It builds the foundation of experience and learning for my future.

“With God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

The Governing Board and staff at St Anne’s are committed to providing a high quality education for our students underpinned by Christian values.  We work hard to create a caring, safe and happy environment in which our children and young people can learn and grow together, achieve their potential and develop into independent, responsible and caring members of society.

We provide many opportunities throughout school to enable our students to explore the Christian Faith, develop their understanding of God and their relationship with Him.  From Assemblies, Collective Worship, Form Time activities, Student Fellowship and the Religious Education curriculum to community events, charity fund-raising, Academy extra-curricular activities and links with local Churches, students are encouraged to nurture and value their relationships with family, friends and others by demonstrating mutual respect and positive attitudes or by supporting when someone when they really need it, even if this is just a kind word or smile.

Students are taught to take pride in the Academy community, to take responsibility for their attendance, punctuality and learning, be respectful, wear their uniform with pride and strive for excellence in every lesson.

The Academy has strong links with local community groups such as Demesne Community Centre, Local Care Homes [Archmoor and Langfield] and with Middleton Food Bank [especially during Harvest season].  Prior to COVID restrictions students regularly participated in community related events including a weekly Luncheon Club for Demesne members, Christmas Meal and holiday activities.

The Academy Chaplain leads the Faith and develops the Academy Faith Programme.  The Chaplain provides pastoral support which includes bereavement counselling to both students and staff [as part of the Academy Pastoral Team], delivers Assemblies to all Year Groups and supports Religious Education lessons.

The Academy Pastoral Team as a whole delivers outstanding care to our students and their families, especially during difficult times.  It is important that everyone feels valued and cared for and feedback tells us that students and their families appreciate the lengths that the Academy goes to in order to provide support where it is needed and at the right time.

Religious Education Curriculum

Students at St Anne’s spend their time studying the key beliefs, teachings and practices of Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. As they progress through Key Stage 3, students consider the philosophy of religion and apply their knowledge and understanding of these different religious beliefs to a variety of ethical and philosophical questions. They learn about the world around them, how to analyse and evaluate scripture, how to justify their own opinions and to disagree with others respectfully.

All Key Stage 4 students participate in the Academy’s Core RE programme where they are given the opportunity to discuss and debate the ethical issues affecting 21st century Britain and how religious believers react to these issues. Key Stage 4 students are also given the opportunity to complete the full Religious Studies GCSE as one of their options. Those students who choose this path will complete the Eduqas Route A Specification – which has a focus on Christianity and Islam.

Acts of Worship

Students engage well during Assemblies and Form Time activities, participating in a daily act of worship led by the Academy Chaplain.  The Academy celebrates key events in the Christian calendar with Assemblies led by the local Reverend at Christmas and Easter.

A group of students attend Youth events held at a local Church in Manchester on Friday nights, some of whom go on to commit their lives to God through Baptism.

Through shared opportunities for self-reflection and worship, students develop their own identity and learn about God. They learn about the importance of accepting everyone and being an active member of the Academy community and the wider community in order to enjoy their education, make friends and fulfil their potential.

Parental Right of Withdrawal

Parents have the legal right to withdraw their children from Religious Education and Collective Worship and, if they wish to do so, should discuss the matter with the Principal in the first instance.

SIAMS Report November 2018

SIAMS said:

The school’s distinctive Christian vision was judged – Good

  • ‘The strong commitment to its Christian vision, particularly the ideal of love for neighbour, means that the school is particularly valued for its outstanding contribution to wellbeing across the wider neighbourhood, as well as in the lives of its own pupils.’
  • ‘Pupils learn particularly well in the creative subjects, gaining breadth of experience, opportunities for excellence and enhanced self-esteem.  This contributes strongly to the impact of the Christian vision.’

The impact of collective worship was judged – Excellent

  • ‘Relationships are the beating heart of the life of St Anne’s.  Each strand of the vision is grounded in biblical teaching but the reference to loving your neighbour as you love yourself [Matthew 22:39] is the one most frequently quoted across the school.’
  • ‘The school goes the extra mile to ensure that pupils and families know that they are cared for and, because of this, there is a strong sense of trust for the school and its work.’
  • ‘The most striking impact of worship is the way it inspires people to action.  Pupils’ work for charity is outstanding.’

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